A caring hand to guide you through the process of creating childrens headstones

Choosing to personalise a headstone for a child is a very important step in coming to terms with the grief of the loss. Designing the memorial lets you ensure that they are remembered in the most fitting way. You can immortalise details of their personality on the piece and include a personal message to them as well.

At UK Memorial Service we understand how tough it can be to design childrens headstones and other commemorative pieces. We strive to offer the very highest level of support for everybody who needs to do it, offering design advice in the most compassionate way possible. Our team are always just one call away and will provide guidance whenever you need it.

Our range of headstones for children is broad and includes several products that come with kerb sets. These pieces are very beautiful and give people the chance to choose colourful chippings to fill the space between the kerbs. This lets you add some extra colour to the grave as well as protecting it. There are a wide range of colours to choose from so you can select your child’s favourite.

All of our products are made with care to make sure they meet our very high standards and ensure you are completely happy with the one you receive. We do all of the manufacturing in-house, tasking our highly talented artisans with producing the most beautiful commemorative products. We are very proud of their work.

If you are thinking about choosing one of our childs headstones with kerbs you should ensure you consult the churchyard or cemetery to check their rules. They may have rules in place and might want to see your design ideas to determine they are suitable. If changes are needed we can help you to make them so you can get a memorial you will love and satisfy their requirements.

To get started with your designs today please contact us.

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