A kerb set provides clear definition

A ledger memorial is usually a large slab which lies flat over the entire surface area of a grave, offering comprehensive protection for the site as well as plenty of room for inscriptions and decorations. If you want to enhance a ledger memorial, you may wish to have a kerb set installed around the entire edge, providing an extra layer of defence while also adding an extra aesthetic dimension.

Kerb sets are an extremely traditional form of memorial which have been used for centuries, and essentially consist of kerbs which run around the entire perimeter of a grave. Made from strong, hardwearing materials such as marble and granite, they are built to last and in many cases have stood proudly for centuries. They are often seen in historic churchyards and cemeteries, but with the endless possibilities of modern memorial design, there are many kerb sets which can be used to provide a beautifully contemporary appearance to a grave.

Kerb sets can also be installed on their own in the absence of a ledger memorial, or can be used in combination with a headstone. If there is no ledger, many people choose to fill in the empty space over the grave with stones, coloured chippings or other protective materials to protect the grave from erosion and other problems. Whichever style you go for, kerbs will give a stunning neat and tidy appearance and offer a timelessly beautiful effect.

There are various ways to customise a kerb set. You may have the kerbs directly inscribed, or some people opt to have memorial plaques affixed to the kerb set with relevant information included, such as the person’s name with dates of birth and death. Our versatile team will always strive to bring you the ideal memorial to help you remember and reflect on the life of your loved one and the happy memories you shared with them, so please take a look at our brochure to see the full range of available kerb sets.

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