A lasting memorial to victims of knife crime

A special sculpture entitled “Knife Angel” is being created as a permanent memorial for victims of knife crime in the UK. The piece will be made from over 100,000 knives collected from 43 police forces. The weapons were handed in during an amnesty or seized as part of investigations and will be used to create the tribute.

The finished piece will stand 24 feet tall and will feature blades of varying length, including swords, machetes, kitchen knives and smaller weapons. The sculpture is the idea of the British Ironwork Centre, one of the biggest supporters of the knife amnesty, and English designer Alfie Bradley. Each weapon is sterilised and blunted before being welded to become part of the angel.

The memorial will feature a number of blades that have been specially carved by people whose loved ones have been victims of knife crime. In fact the British Ironwork Centre reported that a number of families travelled to visit them specifically in order to do so. This helps to give the piece a personal touch and shows that it can be a beacon of hope and remembrance for people who have lost loved ones.

The Knife Angel is expected to be finished in the autumn of 2016. Once it is completed the plan is to display it in Trafalgar Square in London before taking it on a tour of the UK. It is hoped it will help to increase awareness of the continued problem with knife crime.

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