A memorial plaque is a lovely way to remember a passing

Memorial plaques are one of the most popular ways to commemorate the lives of deceased loved ones and people who left a lasting impression on the lives of others. There are many fine examples of them all around the world, in cemeteries, on buildings and in some unexpected spaces.

Plaques can be personalised in several ways, from inscribing the name of the deceased to including a full message or passage. There is a great deal of freedom in terms of what you can have on the memorial but you should always bear in mind where you will be putting it and if the wording is suitable. Some cemeteries will have limitations to ensure you don’t say anything disrespectful.

If you are investing in a public plaque, you should keep in mind what you want people who read it to know about the deceased. In a very short space you need to say what they meant to you and let their personality shine through. You can look for inspiration in several places but a personal message is always the best.

Traditionally the inscriptions on memorial plaques were written entirely in upper case lettering, putting additional constraints on the length of the passage you could include. With modern inscription techniques you can decide on lower case lettering if you wish and have some extra space for the text. Make sure you choose the size of the letters and the font carefully so the message will fit whilst still being able to be read easily.

You can find a wide range of plaques in both marble and brass available to purchase in our online shop. They are available in a selection of different sizes and we also make bespoke plaques and memorial stones too. We do inscriptions in house and take care to make sure they are written accurately and carved professionally. Whatever you wish to say on your plaque, you can be certain we will come up with a beautifully personal and unique result for your loved one’s memorial.

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