A memorial preserves valuable memories

When a child passes away it can be especially hard. In order to help families with their grief we provide specialised childrens memorials that are personalised to reflect the departed. When you give us your specifications, we will ensure that they are met and that the memorial is hand crafted to perfection.

The first step towards obtaining a memorial for your child is to choose what type it is that you want. We have a range of headstones and kerb sets available that are both touching and offer the space to add your own personal touch. Once you have decided on which type you prefer, thinking about customising it is the next step.

Epitaphs are quite common on memorials and they come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles. When it comes to these inscriptions, less is often more. They are commonly short and concise so the words are displayed clearly and prominently. Even if the whole headstone, the reverse included, is used the amount of text you can fit on is limited. Regardless of the length though, epitaphs are a chance to define a person’s life in words, giving the memorial meaning and expressing true emotion at the same time.

You will also need to think carefully about what shape the memorial wants to be. If it’s going to be an upright headstone for example, consider something special like a favourite cartoon character, a butterfly or another animal that was favoured by your child. This can make it extra special and meaningful. The shape can also bring great comfort to all who see it.

At UK Memorial Service we provide tailor-made childrens memorials that possess a touch of sympathy whilst also having an elegant design. When you come to us, we can manage every aspect from memorial ground support to the cemetery regulations. There’s also no need to worry about the cost of personalising your preferred design, as this comes at no extra cost. For those tributes that truly mean something, we are the provider for you.

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