A memorial with a niche will protect and preserve an urn

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when opting for a cremation is how to commemorate the deceased. The first thing to think about is what course of action to take with the ashes. You can choose to save these in an urn or scatter them in a memorable place. If you opt for the first you need to then decide whether the urn will be kept at home, buried, interred, or placed in a niche. Whatever choice you make you should be considering what kind of permanent memorial will be in place if you want one.

Cremation memorials with niches are a good option that allows you to save and protect ashes whilst also commemorating the passing of a loved one. The urn can be placed inside the memorial, keeping it safe and preserved. This is a really fitting tribute and also helps to make the piece that little bit more special.

There are several types of memorials with niches for urns. Columbaria are the most common but you can also choose headstones, benches and even plinths topped with bird baths and sculptures. You should select a product that best suits your needs, allowing you to place it in the best possible location.

At UK Memorial Service we offer a wide range of beautiful products so you can commemorate a cremation. Each of them is made by our passionate, highly skilled team so the quality and finish is unparalleled. We use an array of materials to give people even more choice, letting them decide what style of commemorative product they want as well as the aesthetics.

As part of our service we will guide you through the whole process of creating the memorial. We do this to ensure your needs are met and to support you in your loss. From start to finish you will know we are there for you and have your best wishes in mind.

Another thing that really sets us apart is the fact that we personalise each product as standard. We want each piece to be personal and meaningful and don’t believe it should require a great deal of extra costs for this to happen.

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