A plaque for one of the world’s finest musicians

Having come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and designs over the years, memorial plaques have truly stood the test of time. Just like any other commemorative product, the plaque acts as a tribute to those that have passed on and presents the opportunity for friends and family to personalise a piece in a way that reflects the deceased’s personality.

Recently, plans were announced for a memorial plaque to be unveiled in Germany which was to be a dedication to musician David Bowie. The intention was for Berlin officials to commemorate him with this plaque in the Schöneberg district, the place of residence in the country he shared with fellow musician Iggy Pop during the late 1970s.

The porcelain plaque was unveiled by the Mayor of Berlin, Michael Muller, at Haupstrasse 155. The piece in question describes how Bowie conceived and recorded the three albums known as “Heroes”, “Lodger” and “Low” while he lived in the German capital. Collectively, the three albums are known as Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. In addition, the plaque also includes a line from the title track of the “Heroes” album.

David Bowie was described as a symbol of the cosmopolitan and tolerant atmosphere present in the city. The musician brought the divided cultural metropolis and Western Berlin closer to a number of people across the world.

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