A prominent and dignified form of memorial

There is an old proverb which states that death is the great leveller. This is because no matter what sort of lives we led, ultimately when we pass away we all become equal. In a practical and philosophical sense, this is true. However, there are still differences between us after we pass away, and these are in the ways in which we are laid to rest and commemorated. Whether you are seeking to place a subtle or distinct form of memorial for a loved one, our expert skills and abilities are at your service.

Few memorials are as prominent or inspirational as kerb sets. Their subtle elevation means that they are prominent and visible in burial grounds, yet remain respectfully unobtrusive against the natural, peaceful setting of their environment. They also offer comprehensive protection for the grave site, protecting it from damage and erosion and helping to keep your loved one’s resting place in excellent condition.

As we all know, the cemeteries and burial grounds of the UK place a strong emphasis on health and safety regulations for headstones and memorials. However, the majority of grounds still allow kerb sets to be placed. As is the case with all forms of memorials, there are rules and regulations which govern both their size and location. We work in close co-operation with the authorities of sites to ensure that the kerb sets we design and create meet the requirements. Your kerb set can be combined with a traditional headstone or plaque or can stand on its own as a unique tribute.

Kerb sets allow those who have passed away to be remembered in the distinctive way in which their lives were lived. We focus in making the highest quality enduring, long-standing kerb sets, and we do all we can to make this form of memorial as affordable and accessible as possible.

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