A quality range of memorial products

At UK Memorial Service we create a wide range of beautiful commemorative products, working very hard to satisfy the wishes of our clients. It is our main aim to provide the most beautiful items, whether it is a headstone, plaque, bench or a memorial vase. Each one is personal and meaningful so it will be treasured by the family members of the deceased.

One thing that really sets us apart from other stone masons is the fact that we use the same skills and high quality materials to make each of our products. This means you can expect standards to be maintained all across our range. Whatever you purchase from us you can expect it to be beautifully presented and professionally finished.

Our memorial vases are a fantastic example of our commitment to quality. We put the same effort into getting them precise and ensuring they will last for a long period of time that we do with our other products. We also personalise them in similar ways, allowing people to choose an inscription and even graphics if they wish to add an image to the piece. We do the engraving and inscribing in house so we can satisfy all kinds of bespoke requests.

The vases we provide can be placed in an array of settings, from churchyards to cemeteries and more personal places such as your own garden. They will look beautiful in each setting and prove to be a long lasting reminder of the deceased.

By purchasing your vase from us alongside your other memorials you can ensure the same materials are utilised so they fit perfectly together. This also means you can ensure the inscriptions match, both in terms of the font and the finish.

We have proudly served clients across the UK for several years, providing the finest memorial products we possibly can. Our reputation has grown over time because we never waiver from our commitments to quality and customer service. If you have any questions you can contact us to discuss your needs.

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