A varied range of headstones for every need

Headstones memorialise our loved ones, so they should not only mirror the preferences and tastes of the deceased, but also reflect the way they lived their life. The process of headstone selection can appear a little overwhelming, which is why we provide a fully supportive service along with our extensive range of products. We are experienced in our field and we will ensure you make the right decision.

The upright headstone is the most traditional design. They are fixed to the ground with a concrete base, and can be found in cemeteries the world over. Flat headstones can be flush with the ground or raised to the slant from the rear, and as with traditional headstones, they are available in a vast range of sizes, colours and finishes.

Kerb sets are full length headstones that lie completely flat at ground level. They are a minimum of 4 inches thick and provide a greater amount of space for personal inscription and expression. Ledger markers are often combined with slant and beval markers in addition to traditional upright headstones.

Cremation memorials bear similarities to upright headstones but they feature hollowed containers for cremated remains. Memorial benches are often used as an alternative to headstones. They do not require a concrete base and are often placed in memorial gardens. They provide loved ones with tangible tribute and a place to visit and feel close to the deceased.

Each of our products is constructed from marble and granite and offers strength and durability. We provide a high standard of products at affordable prices, from memorial plaques to benches to traditional monuments. We offer discount products and each memorial we supply is constructed by skilled craftsmen. Our talented design consultants can inscribe your memorial with the personalised messages and verses of your choosing, and they will advise you fully regarding design and graphics options. If you are unsure about which style of memorial to go for, just get in touch and we will advise you.

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