About Us

When you want to commemorate the passing of your loved one, there is no better way to do this than by creating a beautiful memorial. At the UK Memorial Service, we are dedicated to providing you with an array of comprehensive and professional memorial services. Our products and services are specifically designed, created and carried out to meet every requirement that you may have. Our  Memorials are immaculately crafted to grace the memory of your loved one.

Every memorial is installed in your selected cemetery using the approved NAMM and BRAMM fixing methods and materials.

UK Memorial Service has one of the largest stocks of varied assortments of headstones and kerbset memorials in the United Kingdom. Our memorials and headstones are exquisitely crafted to perfection as we employ the highest dedication and attention to detail while creating each of the unique memorabilia. In addition to our collection of these memorials, we also offer children’s memorials, kerb surrounds, memorial stones, pet memorials, churchyard memorials, cremation tablets, memorial plaques, vases, and garden and home memorials.

We do not limit ourselves to offering only the standard design memorials, we also design personalised memorials crafted in accordance with your specifications and requirements.  Our collection also includes engraving of verses on the memorial as well as the installation of unique structures like Columbaria, Mausoleums and Vaults. The collections are also priced reasonably and available in a variety of ranges. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services, ensuring that you will receive what you request,  when you request it.

UK Memorial Service offers tailor-made services with a touch of sensitivity. When you place an order with us, we will assure you that we will manage each aspect from memorial ground support to cemetery regulations. All orders are provided with an A4 scale layout offering you the chance to visualize the inscription as well as verify that the dates and spellings are all correct.