Adding colour to a child’s memorial

Children’s headstones are available in many shapes, styles and designs to reflect your special memories. They are often much more elaborate than memorials for adults and can be shaped like favourite cartoon characters, teddy bears and hearts, among other popular designs and symbols. Even simply-shaped grave markers may feature inscriptions to make them personal, or even to add colour to the piece.

Some headstones for children even feature kerb sets. The kerbs enclose the grave and indicate the boundaries of the plot. They add an extra flourish to the design and also protect the grave from people walking around the site. Clearly marking the plot out makes it less likely that people will step on it, helping to keep the site unspoilt.

There is an added benefit of kerbs that can also help to add more colour to the site. The enclosed space between them can be covered with colourful chippings and infill. The materials are available in a range of colours, from natural shades of granite to white marble as well as blues, greens and purples. You can choose the child’s favourite colour or opt for a shade with a special meaning. White is a popular choice for a child’s gravesite because it symbolises innocence.

At UK Memorial Service we design, manufacture, deliver and install children’s headstones, memorial plaques and other forms of memorial across the UK. We offer stunning products that can be customised as well as producing bespoke ones. Our kerb sets are available in many designs and give each client the option to choose from a wide range of different chipping and infill materials to complete the memorial.

When you order a memorial from us you can always expect a brilliant service from start to finish. We work closely with all clients, delivering a one on one consultation to ensure your needs are met, get to know your wishes and offer the right kind of support. You can browse a selection of our children’s headstones on our website. If you have a special idea in mind please contact us and we will discuss manufacturing with you.

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