Affordable forms of memorials

Over our many years of providing memorials, quality and strength have always been at the forefront of our approach. We have also always strived to keep our prices as low as possible so our customers do not have to spend beyond their means on memorials.

Despite our low prices, we appreciate and respect the fact that certain forms of memorials are simply beyond the financial means of the bereaved. We are certain that under no circumstances would the deceased wish for those left behind to find themselves in financial difficulty through the placing of a memorial. This is why we offer a selection of highly affordable adults and childrens headstones and other memorials designed for optimum beauty and style at minimal pricing.

Although we are renowned for our high quality, enduring and dignified marble and granite headstones, we create and supply memorials in many different forms. Whether due to cost or because there is no formal burial place, memorial plaques and vases are seen as the perfect way to commemorate the deceased. We work only with sympathetic suppliers and employ masons who are dedicated to the importance of what they do, so we are always able to create all forms of memorials at the lowest costing possible.

The affordable pricing of our memorials should not be seen as any sort of reflection of their quality. The marble, granite and slate we use are all of the highest grade. This allows us to create headstones and other forms of memorial which have very low maintenance requirements. The fine materials we use mean that they are also enduring, with our memorials standing in perfect condition for many decades.

When the time has come to place a memorial for a loved one, there should be no worries or concerns around affordability. This is a matter that we are always conscious of. We always aim to be as supportive as we can for the bereaved, so we would never seek to encourage people to consider memorials which are beyond their means. We will be of every assistance to you in finding the most fitting memorial for your needs and budget.

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