Are Churchyard Burials Permitted In The UK?

It is quite rare in this day and age to see a churchyard burial taking place. There are a number of reasons for this being the case, and many of you will be aware of some of them. In our experience as one of the leading memorial makers in the UK, however, we have often heard people discuss reasons for the lack of church burials forming part of funeral services which are incorrect. As a consequence of this, we’d like to discuss some of these to clarify the exact status.

The first point we would like to address is the idea that some have about churchyard burials being made illegal. This has come about mostly as a result of people assuming laws in other European nations must also be applicable to us in the UK. We can understand why many would reach this conclusion, but it is not quite accurate. For a number of reasons this type of burial has indeed been prohibited in countries around the world, but no such law has yet been passed in the UK.

One of the other assumptions people have made in respect of churchyard burials is that there is no further space available to facilitate them. Although this is true of some of the churches in the country, it is not the case for all of them. Many churchyards keep space available for parishioners who have made arrangements for their funeral ceremony.

Whilst it is true that this type of burial is not as common or frequent a site as it once was, it is incorrect to conclude that they no longer happen. In many towns and villages around the country parishioners make arrangements for their final resting place to be within the grounds of the church which was such an important part of their life.

Over the years our memorial masons have been called upon to design and craft headstones and a wide array of other memorials to place in churchyards. We are familiar with the rules and regulations in place for this form of memorial. Our knowledge informs our work, ensuring that the perfect form of remembrance is in place for lost loved ones.

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