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Memorial vases can commemorate all family members

When a loved family member passes away the act of commemorating them with a memorial can go a long way to helping people to address their grief. In the process of selecting and personalising a product you can think about good memories and the things about the deceased that you want to remember forever. This can really help mourners to think about their feelings.

The thing to remember about memorials is they can be placed in an array of locations and commemorate all kinds of family members. There is even a selection for pets because they are a beloved part of families too. It is important to keep the setting where the memorial will be placed in mind when choosing the design to ensure the piece will be safe and last.

Memorial vases are amongst the most flexible commemorative products because they can be placed in a vast array of locations. They can be used to leave floral tributes in your home, garden, on a burial plot in a cemetery or churchyard, and even indoors on these sites. It may even be possible to leave them in gardens of remembrance.

Another great thing about vases is they can be personalised with a message, just like a plaque or a headstone. The big difference is they bring more colour because of the freedom to choose all kinds of different flowers. This is a big benefit and the colours can really help people to deal with their grief.

You can choose memorial vases made from a wide array of different materials. With the fact that they are both a vase and a lasting tribute to the deceased it is important to choose a quality, hardwearing material. This is especially true if you are placing it outside. The last thing you want is glass or ceramic ones that could be broken easily. Granite and marble are the favoured materials because of their durability.

If you would like to choose from a wonderful selection of memorial vases we recommend you have a look at our website. We take great pride in our work and strive to deliver the best products. Whichever family member you want to commemorate, pets included, we are confident we can provide the most wonderful, bespoke piece.

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The restoration of a treasured Luton landmark

To celebrate the life of a loved one, the best thing to do is invest in highly personalised memorials. When designs are personal they bring that extra amount of uniqueness that general memorial models lack. Not to mention, if you customise the piece in a way which helps you remember your family at the best point in their life, this can help immensely in easing the grieving process. We are aware of just how much memorials mean to the family and as such, our purpose is to provide the most wonderful designs possible.

Recently, massive restoration work started on the Luton War Memorial, one of the town’s most recognised and cherished landmarks. The Borough Council has been bestowed with a grant by the War Memorials Trust to assist with the project. Said work shall include cleaning the memorial and the statue, temporarily dismantling the existing structure and redefining the lettering.

Costs are expected to be in the area of £30,000, but the trust has agreed to meet three quarters of the bill, provided that the council contributes the remaining amount. Work is currently underway and shall be accomplished through two stages, with a break for the Remembrance Day ceremonies. Phase one will involve the raising of a scaffold to permit the letter redefinition, cleaning and other works.

Once Remembrance Day has passed, some of the structure’s lower parts that have started to move over the years will be dismantled in order to be fixed and reassembled. This shall be accomplished utilising traditional methods and will act as phase two. The project is a fantastic example of how memorials can be retained for the long term so remembrance can continue.

At UK Memorial Service, we have a selection of memorial types available for families who wish to honour and remember their loved ones. When you come to us with your specifications, rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make certain that they’re met. If you should ever need our assistance, we will be there to offer our full support to you.

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Suggestions for the design of a child’s memorial

Having to provide a memorial for your loved one is never an easy task, especially when they leave us so young. To help families remember their children at their best, we can offer highly bespoke and professionally-made commemorative products dedicated specifically to them. No matter the specifications you lay out for us, be assured that we will do everything we can to fulfil them and provide fittings childrens memorials.

A memorial of any description acts as a tribute that celebrates the time the deceased spent with us. Generally engraved in some form or another, they are supposed to last for a considerable amount of time. Memorials for children, just like adults, can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Whatever you decide is what’s right for you.

If you are a family that prefers the more simple approach, begin the designing of your tribute with a meaningful phrase. This could be “In loving Memory of” or “Dedicated to the Memory Of” followed by the child’s name. Writing such as this stands out very well in medium bold letters.

The line containing the name is done in bold with the purpose of placing a special emphasis on it. If your child had a nickname that they went by, a good suggestion would be to either place it between the first and last name, or alternatively, at the end of the full name. Adding nicknames helps in making the memorial all the more personal, as you are placing a special trait that the child held on the tribute. Quotation marks are commonly used for the nickname in order to distinguish between it and the real name.

At UK Memorial Service we have a selection of memorials dedicated especially to the youngest family members. For something a little less simple, a personal statement and a picture of the child’s favourite character can be added to truly help make the perfect childrens memorials. Should you need our assistance, be assured that we are here to provide our full support to you.

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Checking the rules before placing items on a burial plot

Burial sites across the UK each have their own rules regarding leaving memorials and other commemorative items on plots. Whether it is churchyards, cemeteries, crematoria, or even wooden areas for green burials, it is essential you check them before you place anything. This will avoid the potential of being asked to remove things.

Vases are a particular item where limitations may be in place. These can include limiting the use of glass ones because they can be knocked over and broken, creating a hazard. Ceramic vases are slightly more durable but can still break. As a result their placement may also be controlled.

The rules regarding vases may also extend to the flowers that can be placed to ensure the site is properly maintained. The last thing staff and other visitors to a site want to see is poorly kept flowers and mess such as ribbons, wrappings and cuttings that have been incorrectly disposed of. There may be restrictions in place to limit this, including only allowing flowers in specific locations.

At UK Memorial Service we always advise our clients to be careful about choosing which items will be placed on a burial plot. Our work all across the UK has seen us provide memorials to be placed on a wide array of different sites. As a result we have seen firsthand how much the rules can differ. This is why we recommend checking to be certain.

Our experience has also led us to offer a wide array of special memorial vases. These products are made from granite and marble, making them more durable than glass and ceramic styles. They are designed so they can be used on different burial sites or be left at home in the garden if you wish to have a tribute to hold flowers closer to home.

Each vase can be personalised with an inscription so the piece will not only be durable and long lasting; it will also be unique and meaningful. We are very happy to offer this service in-house and can even provide advice about inscriptions and choosing the right words.

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Placing memorials to commemorate Britain’s airfields

Across the UK there are memorials to celebrate the history of important sites so they can be remembered by future generations even if the use of the site changes. These pieces take many different shapes and sizes, but all are vital to preserve the cultural heritage of the areas.

On 26th and 27th August new memorials were placed at two disused airfields in Pembrokeshire. The Airfields of Britain Conservation Trust (ABCT) was behind the project, seeing that both sites were commemorated properly. They are the first national airfield charity in the world and have successfully overseen the placement of 58 memorials in total in the UK.

The first memorial was laid at Brawdy Airfield, a former RAF and Navy base that began life in February 1944. The site is special as a result of the three runways facing different directions. This means that aircraft can land and take off in all kinds of prevailing winds. The airfield has enjoyed a rich history and is still remarkably preserved since it stopped being used for aircraft in 1996.

The second memorial was placed at Templeton. This three runway airfield has a very unusual history. It was opened in November 1942 as an RAF base but closed in October 1945 after being switched over to the Admiralty. Surprisingly though the site saw additional usage from the 50s onwards and the runways are still in relatively good condition. This means that the airfield has seen more use outside of wartime than it did during World War II.

The placement of memorials at each site ensures they will be remembered for their interesting histories. Ceremonies were held to unveil each memorial. Both enjoyed good attendances and showed the community support for the ABCT project.

At UK Memorial Services we love seeing culturally significant sites like this being marked. It shows another important application for memorials. Alongside this it reminds us that every piece, regardless of its purpose, should be unique and special so it acts as a fitting tribute. We keep this in mind for every product we create ourselves.

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A memorial preserves valuable memories

When a child passes away it can be especially hard. In order to help families with their grief we provide specialised childrens memorials that are personalised to reflect the departed. When you give us your specifications, we will ensure that they are met and that the memorial is hand crafted to perfection.

The first step towards obtaining a memorial for your child is to choose what type it is that you want. We have a range of headstones and kerb sets available that are both touching and offer the space to add your own personal touch. Once you have decided on which type you prefer, thinking about customising it is the next step.

Epitaphs are quite common on memorials and they come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and styles. When it comes to these inscriptions, less is often more. They are commonly short and concise so the words are displayed clearly and prominently. Even if the whole headstone, the reverse included, is used the amount of text you can fit on is limited. Regardless of the length though, epitaphs are a chance to define a person’s life in words, giving the memorial meaning and expressing true emotion at the same time.

You will also need to think carefully about what shape the memorial wants to be. If it’s going to be an upright headstone for example, consider something special like a favourite cartoon character, a butterfly or another animal that was favoured by your child. This can make it extra special and meaningful. The shape can also bring great comfort to all who see it.

At UK Memorial Service we provide tailor-made childrens memorials that possess a touch of sympathy whilst also having an elegant design. When you come to us, we can manage every aspect from memorial ground support to the cemetery regulations. There’s also no need to worry about the cost of personalising your preferred design, as this comes at no extra cost. For those tributes that truly mean something, we are the provider for you.

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A plaque for one of the world’s finest musicians

Having come in a plethora of shapes, sizes and designs over the years, memorial plaques have truly stood the test of time. Just like any other commemorative product, the plaque acts as a tribute to those that have passed on and presents the opportunity for friends and family to personalise a piece in a way that reflects the deceased’s personality.

Recently, plans were announced for a memorial plaque to be unveiled in Germany which was to be a dedication to musician David Bowie. The intention was for Berlin officials to commemorate him with this plaque in the Schöneberg district, the place of residence in the country he shared with fellow musician Iggy Pop during the late 1970s.

The porcelain plaque was unveiled by the Mayor of Berlin, Michael Muller, at Haupstrasse 155. The piece in question describes how Bowie conceived and recorded the three albums known as “Heroes”, “Lodger” and “Low” while he lived in the German capital. Collectively, the three albums are known as Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. In addition, the plaque also includes a line from the title track of the “Heroes” album.

David Bowie was described as a symbol of the cosmopolitan and tolerant atmosphere present in the city. The musician brought the divided cultural metropolis and Western Berlin closer to a number of people across the world.

At UK Memorial Service we have a selection of plaques designed to act as a tribute to your loved ones. When all of our memorials are manufactured, they are done so by a professional who will hand craft them in the most delicate way possible. If you tell us how you would like the memorial to be designed, we will go the extra mile to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled.

We are proud to offer memorial plaques that can be placed in a wide array of settings and will add grace to each one. If you would like to discuss a design with us please get in touch.

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The wonderful memorials of the world

The time during which a loved one passes is not an easy one; this is why we aim to provide the most thoughtful of memorials to the families that come to us. Not only do we offer them an expertly hand crafted and highly personalised tribute to their family members, we make sure that they are supported fully throughout their time with us.

Regardless of their purpose or what they represent, be it a war memorial or a dedication to peace, memorials stand out as a shining example in the community due to their elegant and unique appearance. Because of the massive amount of history surrounding them, simply standing in front of one can induce an awe inspiring experience.

Memorials exist all over the world and calling some of them impressive would be quite the understatement. Found in Romania, the Maraseti Heroes Mausoleum was constructed as a dedication to those who fought for freedom during the Battle of Maraseti in 1917. This historical structure stands on the former battle grounds and is home to many relics from this period.

Located in Japan and dedicated to those who helped build a peaceful foundation for the country, the Yasukuni Shrine came to be in 1869. This shrine holds a deep and personal relationship with the imperial family, who attend twice a year during spring and autumn. Massive rituals take place here, where His Majesty the Emperor presents offerings that are dedicated to the spirits.

Each of the wonderful memorials around the world tells a story and preserves vital memories. It is important that they are protected and preserved so that they can continue to do just that.

At UK Memorial Service we go above and beyond to ensure that families receive the memorials that they deserve. When they come to us with the specifications for their memorial, we work tirelessly to ensure that they are all met to the highest standards. If you wish to find out more about our services, feel free to contact us.

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A special place for remembering the children

It’s an incredibly difficult time when a loved one passes on, with this being especially true for family that lose someone young. In order to help families cope in their time of need, we provide special children’s memorials that can be tailored to meet your exact specifications. The more personal the memorial is, the more touching and respectful to the children and families it will be.

It was recently revealed in Canvey that a special garden is to be unveiled, which is dedicated to the children that have passed on. The Canvey-based support group From My Womb, To My Heart organised this garden with the assistance of other parties. The previous year, a page was set up for the garden by six women, all of whom had personal experience with these difficult times.

It was explained that the garden would have plaques dedicated to the children who had passed on, which would be placed on an angel statue. This way, it would be as if the angels themselves were watching over the children. The original idea for this garden came from the revelation that there was a lack of something like the concept that would help facilitate the remembrance of their loved ones. The garden will act as a place where people can go when they have suffered a loss.

The memorials themselves are just as important as the garden that they are placed in and no one understands this better than we do. To this end, we produce only the highest quality children’s memorials. They are specifically designed around your precise specifications and are made by our own high quality craftsmen.

At UK Memorial Service we not only provide highly personal and respectful memorials, but we offer our full support to the families that come to us in their time of need. We do this because we understand how difficult times like these are for them and so we do our best to make them as comfortable as possible. When it comes to the finest memorials for your children, we are the service for you.

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A quality range of memorial products

At UK Memorial Service we create a wide range of beautiful commemorative products, working very hard to satisfy the wishes of our clients. It is our main aim to provide the most beautiful items, whether it is a headstone, plaque, bench or a memorial vase. Each one is personal and meaningful so it will be treasured by the family members of the deceased.

One thing that really sets us apart from other stone masons is the fact that we use the same skills and high quality materials to make each of our products. This means you can expect standards to be maintained all across our range. Whatever you purchase from us you can expect it to be beautifully presented and professionally finished.

Our memorial vases are a fantastic example of our commitment to quality. We put the same effort into getting them precise and ensuring they will last for a long period of time that we do with our other products. We also personalise them in similar ways, allowing people to choose an inscription and even graphics if they wish to add an image to the piece. We do the engraving and inscribing in house so we can satisfy all kinds of bespoke requests.

The vases we provide can be placed in an array of settings, from churchyards to cemeteries and more personal places such as your own garden. They will look beautiful in each setting and prove to be a long lasting reminder of the deceased.

By purchasing your vase from us alongside your other memorials you can ensure the same materials are utilised so they fit perfectly together. This also means you can ensure the inscriptions match, both in terms of the font and the finish.

We have proudly served clients across the UK for several years, providing the finest memorial products we possibly can. Our reputation has grown over time because we never waiver from our commitments to quality and customer service. If you have any questions you can contact us to discuss your needs.

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