Beautiful kerbs made to match the headstone

Kerb sets are a beautiful choice for people who want the memorial they place on a burial plot to cover the whole thing. They connect with the headstone and carefully outline the site. This offers some big advantages including protecting the plot and preventing people from walking over it. The space between the kerbs can also be filled with colourful chippings, flowers, or turf to improve the aesthetics even more.

The great thing about kerb sets is that they are typically made from the exact same material as the headstone. This means they will provide the same visual benefits as well as the longevity. The kerbs can be made from various shades of marble and granite, ensuring they fit with the colour you want for the headstone.

We have a wide array of different styles of kerbs to choose from, including designs with simple, straight lines and decorative sloping or tiered options. You can browse each design we have to offer on our website to get an idea of how beautiful they are. Each product is made with care and precision to ensure they look their absolute best and fit together effectively.

One advantage that kerb sets offer is that they provide space for additional flower containers to be introduced into the piece. These can be placed in the posts as well as below the headstone. This means that if you want to be able to leave more flowers on the site you can do so and ensure they stand up properly rather than being laid flat on the surface.

We are very proud to offer beautiful kerbs and provide a full fixing service alongside manufacturing to ensure they are fitted properly on site. It takes a little more work than installing a headstone because the pieces are larger and need to be arranged and secured properly. Fortunately our team of fixers have the skills and qualifications to complete the job. They are NAMM and BRAMM certified so you can expect a quality fixing.

If you have your own idea for the kerbs please feel free to contact us. We can make changes to designs for you to create the perfect piece.

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