Remembering London’s very first memorial for World War One

August 4th 2016 marked the centenary of the dedication of the very first memorial for World War One in London. The beautiful cross was created following the Battle of Jutland. It commemorates Lord Kitchener, the Secretary for War, the crewmen of HMS Hampshire lost during the conflict, and the Honourable Royal Artillery Company.

The memorial was dedicated on August 4th 1916 by the Lord Mayor of London and the Bishop of Stepney. It stands at the church of St. Botolph-without-Bishopsgate in the City, a short distance from Liverpool Street Underground Station.

To mark the centenary of the placing of the memorial and the war itself the memorial was rededicated. A special service was held alongside this to commemorate the event. The Rt. Revd Adrian Newman, the current Bishop of Stepney oversaw this. Members of the Honourable Royal Artillery Company, the city, and the local community attended.

To further celebrate the long history of the memorial and those it commemorates Historic England recently decided to grant it Grade II Listed status. The cross was praised for its historical association and interest as well as its architectural from. In terms of the latter the fact that it is an elegant cross in the medieval style made it special.

The St. Botolph-without-Bishopsgate memorial joins the long list of other war memorials that have been granted new or improved Listed status to preserve them. It is fitting that London’s very first piece to commemorate World War One be given the protection.

At UK Memorial Service we have a passion for memorials big and small. We produce them with care and precision, working tirelessly to provide products that our clients will truly treasure. Whether you’re looking for a larger piece with elaborate carvings and engravings or a smaller, simpler one we can create it for you.

If you have any questions or would like a helping hand designing a memorial please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and guide people through the process of creating a long lasting tribute.

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Coming together to remember children

Losing someone is never easy, especially when they leave us at such a tender age. When a child passes on, a memorial gives us the chance to remember them when they were at their happiest. Remembering them this way aids in the grieving process and allows us to cope with the loss more easily. Our memorials can offer you the same comfort in these difficult times.

Childrens memorials of all shapes and sizes take time to create; ours are no different. We think of time as an opportunity though, giving us longer to make them more personal and meaningful. Extensive planning can be required for the larger ones, but eventually they are produced and the result is well worth the wait.

In North Tonawanda, New York the Children’s Memorial Garden is finally becoming a reality for families that have lost loved ones. Roughly after a year of planning, members of the projects committee, which consists of parents who have lost loved ones, joined together with elected officials at the future site of the garden for a groundbreaking ceremony.

The site is intended to serve as a place for parents to reflect and remember their children. It will feature a pergola that visitors will pass through to gain access to the walk area. Members of the community will be able to purchase plaques to display along the inside walls. A memorial such as this provides the opportunity for people to share a place that has such importance and meaning.

At UK Memorial Service we can provide a range of childrens memorials. When working on them we make sure that we do everything in our power to provide you with the perfect piece. We know that times like these aren’t easy for you, which is why we will offer our full support to you should you need it. This includes help selecting a design and deciding how to personalise it.

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Tributes that belong to the family

Memorials are the final tribute offered to a person who has led an excellent life. Families go through the toughest of times when a loved one passes on and to help them, we provide a wide array of products that are personalised to reflect the deceased family member’s lifestyle and the things they love.

No one should be denied memorials for any reason; those who do or provide an improper service are dishonouring the memory of the deceased. Recently, a Nuneaton family have been told that they cannot buy a memorial vase to be put up at a local cemetery. They asked the Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council if they could put it there but were informed that they could only rent one. This shows how different the rules are at each cemetery across the UK. In some the plans to put their own vase in place would have been perfectly acceptable.

As a result of the decision, the family have opted to honour the deceased with a memorial in their own garden. In addition, they have also called on the council to change its policies. The first of these shows that people can make their own arrangements outside of the cemetery or churchyard if they want to get their wishes. Having a memorial at home also offers big advantages because it means the family can watch over it and a reminder of the deceased is always close by.

At UK Memorial Service we understand that families are already going through hard enough times without there being complications with the memorials. Our memorial vases are designed to comfort bereaved families when they need it the most. Each one is personalised so they make beautiful, long lasting tributes that you can place all kinds of flowers in.

For memorial vases that are truly special, we are the provider to come to. You can view many of the designs on our website and also call on us if you have a unique idea in mind. As you can see from the products on our website we can offer vases in a variety of shapes so you can rely on us to offer advice about what can be done.

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Commemorating the fishing heritage in North Shields

Fishing is an integral part of the heritage of the town of North Shields in Tyne and Wear. The port is renowned as the largest for prawns in England. The area was also previously home to numerous ship building and repair yards. These produced an array of vessels, including the small inshore Northumbrian coble and larger fishing boats. Many of them also built brigs for the coal trade.

Although the port in the town is still in operation and has such a long history it is one of a small number in the UK to lack a permanent memorial to the fishermen who lost their lives at sea. The North Shields Fishermen’s Heritage Project was set up in 2015 to rectify this. They aim to raise awareness of the dangers commercial fishermen face and money to place a monument in the area.

The Project has been ongoing and recently enjoyed a big step forward with the confirmation of a site for the memorial. Once completed it will be placed at Fish Quay so it can overlook the harbour where so many people sail from.

Alongside the selection of a site the potential designs for the memorial have also been released. Each was created by a prominent artist. Members of the public are being invited to view these at the North Shields Low Light Heritage Centre. They will be able to share their opinions on the designs and vote for their favourite. This could help to contribute towards the one that is selected.

At UK Memorial Service projects like this one really strike a chord with us. They are particularly impressive because they show communities coming together to remember their heritage and those who have lost their lives. We are excited to see how this project progresses and what type of design is selected. We have no doubt it will hold a fantastic place alongside the other memorials to fishermen found across the UK.

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A memorial with a niche will protect and preserve an urn

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when opting for a cremation is how to commemorate the deceased. The first thing to think about is what course of action to take with the ashes. You can choose to save these in an urn or scatter them in a memorable place. If you opt for the first you need to then decide whether the urn will be kept at home, buried, interred, or placed in a niche. Whatever choice you make you should be considering what kind of permanent memorial will be in place if you want one.

Cremation memorials with niches are a good option that allows you to save and protect ashes whilst also commemorating the passing of a loved one. The urn can be placed inside the memorial, keeping it safe and preserved. This is a really fitting tribute and also helps to make the piece that little bit more special.

There are several types of memorials with niches for urns. Columbaria are the most common but you can also choose headstones, benches and even plinths topped with bird baths and sculptures. You should select a product that best suits your needs, allowing you to place it in the best possible location.

At UK Memorial Service we offer a wide range of beautiful products so you can commemorate a cremation. Each of them is made by our passionate, highly skilled team so the quality and finish is unparalleled. We use an array of materials to give people even more choice, letting them decide what style of commemorative product they want as well as the aesthetics.

As part of our service we will guide you through the whole process of creating the memorial. We do this to ensure your needs are met and to support you in your loss. From start to finish you will know we are there for you and have your best wishes in mind.

Another thing that really sets us apart is the fact that we personalise each product as standard. We want each piece to be personal and meaningful and don’t believe it should require a great deal of extra costs for this to happen.

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Caring for flowers in memorial vases

When you keep flowers in a vase you want them to look their best for as long as possible. This is true whether you decide to keep them in your home or outside. It is especially accurate when you place them in memorial vases to commemorate the passing of a loved one.

The key thing to remember with fresh flowers is that they should be at their best when you purchase them. They should bloom and look fantastic soon after you put them in the vase. If they are already past their best they naturally won’t last as long. The trick to keeping them looking great is to buy them fresh and care for them properly.

The first thing people tend to do when they get flowers is to cut them so they can be put in the vase. It is important you trim them to the right length and take care to keep the cuts clean and even. This is important because badly cut flowers won’t last anywhere near as long.

When they are in the vase you need to keep the flowers nourished in the same way they would have been if they had not been cut. You can add a number of things to the water to keep the flowers nourished. Plant food is a good idea and can work wonders. Alternatively people suggest using apple cider vinegar and sugar mixed into the water.

Another great tip is to keep the water as clean as possible. This will help to minimise the growth of harmful bacteria. Changing the water every few days is very wise. On top of this you can again add a number of things to it to kill bacteria and keep it fresh. Adding an aspirin to the water is said to work wonders. A copper penny can also work too because the metal will act like an acidifier.

At UK Memorial Services we offer a collection of high quality vases to commemorate lost loved ones. They are made with care from specially selected materials and can be personalised. They will look great alongside headstones and memorials and with the above tips you can keep the flowers healthy and happy for longer.

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Are Churchyard Burials Permitted In The UK?

It is quite rare in this day and age to see a churchyard burial taking place. There are a number of reasons for this being the case, and many of you will be aware of some of them. In our experience as one of the leading memorial makers in the UK, however, we have often heard people discuss reasons for the lack of church burials forming part of funeral services which are incorrect. As a consequence of this, we’d like to discuss some of these to clarify the exact status.

The first point we would like to address is the idea that some have about churchyard burials being made illegal. This has come about mostly as a result of people assuming laws in other European nations must also be applicable to us in the UK. We can understand why many would reach this conclusion, but it is not quite accurate. For a number of reasons this type of burial has indeed been prohibited in countries around the world, but no such law has yet been passed in the UK.

One of the other assumptions people have made in respect of churchyard burials is that there is no further space available to facilitate them. Although this is true of some of the churches in the country, it is not the case for all of them. Many churchyards keep space available for parishioners who have made arrangements for their funeral ceremony.

Whilst it is true that this type of burial is not as common or frequent a site as it once was, it is incorrect to conclude that they no longer happen. In many towns and villages around the country parishioners make arrangements for their final resting place to be within the grounds of the church which was such an important part of their life.

Over the years our memorial masons have been called upon to design and craft headstones and a wide array of other memorials to place in churchyards. We are familiar with the rules and regulations in place for this form of memorial. Our knowledge informs our work, ensuring that the perfect form of remembrance is in place for lost loved ones.

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A Dignified Memorial For A Lost Young Life

The passing away of a child is, it perhaps goes without any need to say, one of the most traumatic and upsetting experiences which families and communities can go through. Despite all of the goodwill, compassion and support offered at such times, ultimately it feels like little can be done to help the bereaved. With this in mind it is all the more important to ensure that a long term form of remembrance is in place to serve and to help the family in the years ahead.

We know that the above sentiment is something which places even more pressure on the considerable burden of selecting a headstone to be placed at the burial site of a child. Finding the words for an inscription can be a tough and emotionally draining task in itself, with the pressure being added to through the need to select the form and style of the headstone. Our team will do all that they can to help you with a selection, with our memorial masons ensuring that the preferred design is made to perfection.

A key concern many have in selecting childrens headstones is meeting the sense of the memorial reflecting both the joys of the youthful life lived and the dignified compassion with which that life has now regrettably been laid to eternal rest. We know that it would be very unfair to expect one of the bereaved to suggest a design which expresses both of these qualities at such a traumatic time. To assist we have an extensive range of existing designs, with each one being possible to adapt and alter to reflect your specific wishes.

Our memorial masons create headstones which reflect, with dignity, the beauty of a life so young and the love which was felt for them. It is our hope that our work for you will, over the years, be something which brings comfort, care and a positive sense of remembrance to you and the bereaved.

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Caring for bronze memorial plaques keeps them looking their best

Memorial plaques come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide array of different materials. They can be found all across the UK in a huge number of settings, from benches on the seafront to flower beds in parks, cemeteries, and even your own garden. They can make fantastic, long lasting tributes to deceased loved ones but you need to be prepared for the maintenance they will require.

Bronze plaques are very popular for their elegance and flexibility. They can be placed almost anywhere and will look fantastic. If they are positioned outdoors you need to be aware of the cleaning and maintenance requirements. The material will tarnish over time when exposed to the elements, losing the polished finish that so many people love. You’ll need to clean them to avoid this and keep them looking their best.

When you clean a bronze plaque you need to take care not to damage the material. For this reason you need to avoid abrasive cleaning products. It is better to use a cloth, a cotton bud, or a very soft bristled brush to remove the dirt and grime from the plaque. Take care with the inscriptions, especially if they are coloured. The last thing you want is to damage the paint when you are cleaning.

Once it is clean you can use a wax or a polish to improve the look of the piece. These products also provide extra protection against the weather, protecting the substrate in the process.

If the plaque is screwed on to a bench or another surface you need to take care when cleaning it, ensuring you clean around the screws effectively. You definitely don’t want the screws corroding and staining the piece.

It is a good idea to check memorial plaques periodically to ensure they are not experiencing higher wear than expected. Being proactive with your cleaning and maintenance will protect the memorials and ensure they provide longer service.

At UK Memorial Service we offer a selection of bronze plaques as well as other accessories made from the material. We manufacture all of them with care and precision, ensuring they are beautiful aesthetically. They can be placed in many locations and will provide a fitting tribute to the deceased.

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Vital protection for a meaningful memorial

Memorial kerb sets are designed to make tributes to lost loved ones all the more special. They serve a very important purpose; enclosing a grave space or cremation plot so that it is protected. They also provide a gorgeous border for an extraordinary headstone, plaque or sculpture. As an addition these products, kerbs make the memorial look and feel like a complete tribute.

When choosing kerbs you want to make sure the design is to your liking and that the material can stand the test of time. Memorials are made of specially selected materials to ensure that they last. Marble is one of the most popular choices since it enables easy manufacturing of the piece, is easy to polish, and makes inscriptions of graphics and text possible. If you are planning to place your memorial in a rural and dry area, marble is the choice for you.

Another viable option for your memorial is to have it made of granite. This is known for not only its physical prowess, but for its resistance to hydrocarbon and acid rain pollution. Due to its resistant properties it requires minimal maintenance and as a result is quite cost effective. This makes it really good for kerb sets and large memorials that would otherwise take a lot of care to look after.

At UK Memorial Service we provide you with the most personal and meaningful tributes possible. We provide kerb sets made from both marble and granite with a plethora of design options available. If you want to remember your loved ones by providing a kerbs, contact us and we can discuss the specifications with you.

You can personalise the piece to suit your requirements and also have the option for which type of covering you would like for the burial plot. You can leave it open, use coloured chippings, place a stone slab, or use the space for grass and plants.

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