Bringing comfort to families with a child’s memorial

It is surely the case that a family could face no greater sadness than the loss of one of its younger members. Despite the best efforts of communities and society as a whole, we simply cannot stop the fact that sometimes children pass away. Our work in creating children’s memorials is focused on delivering as much support and comfort as possible to the bereaved. We achieve this by creating dignified memorials which are assured of standing in remembrance for many, many years.

The single most crucial aspect of a headstone which will mark the eternal resting place of a child is to ensure that it embodies the sense of pride, affection and closeness the family felt for their loved one. For this reason that we have a dedicated team bearing the highest and most respected accreditations to attain. Every one of our memorial masons meet and exceed the high criteria expected by the two representative bodies in the UK, NAMM and BRAMM. This means that you are assured that your choice of headstone design will be carried out and crafted to absolute perfection.

One of the greatest concerns families have about instructing memorial masons to create childrens headstones is the worry that their choice would not be given permission for placement at the burial site. This is a very valid concern. As part of our full service, we discuss rules and regulations in place at the burial site of choice. This prevents you from making a choice which would not be allowed to be placed in the relevant churchyard or cemetery.

We know that when our services are called upon, the call comes from people in a time of considerable emotional distress and upheaval. An important aspect of our work is to always be compassionate, understanding and supportive of these circumstances. We do all we can to ensure our memorials are of exceptional quality, and that they are both safe and permitted to be placed at the final resting place of the deceased.

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