Bringing traditional memorials to cremation services

70% of all funeral services in the UK take the form of a cremation. Although the practice of cremations has been popular around the world for some time, it has only been relatively recently that this approach has overtaken traditional ground burials. However, the increased choice of cremation services does not mean that everyone wishes to move away from all of the traditions associated with funerals. We understand this, which is why we dedicate ourselves to creating dignified, lasting cremation memorials of all kinds, from urns to headstones and kerb sets.

Columbaria are perhaps one of the rarer forms of memorial, but this is changing in order to accommodate the wishes of the growing number who wish to have a cremation service along with a formal final resting place where their ashes can be stored. There have been movements recently which indicate some churches will soon be establishing columbaria within their grounds.

A columbarium perfectly allows for the ashes of a number of people to be laid to rest in a dignified manner. The ashes are stored safely and securely in an individual compartment, with the door to the resting place providing a suitable location to put a plaque with an inscription on it. We design and create the complete requirements for a columbarium, using only the finest materials. Our BRAMM and NAMM accredited masons ensure that nothing short of perfection is imbued in all of the work that we carry out. We are dedicated to ensuring people have long lasting, low maintenance, dignified memorials.

For several years our columbaria have been exported around the world, and this has placed us in the prime position to create and install them here in the UK. We believe that ashes memorials such as columbaria create a beautiful and unique way to memorialise a loved one and ensure their memory is preserved for the future, providing a stunning final resting place.

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