Caring for bronze memorial plaques keeps them looking their best

Memorial plaques come in all shapes and sizes and are made from a wide array of different materials. They can be found all across the UK in a huge number of settings, from benches on the seafront to flower beds in parks, cemeteries, and even your own garden. They can make fantastic, long lasting tributes to deceased loved ones but you need to be prepared for the maintenance they will require.

Bronze plaques are very popular for their elegance and flexibility. They can be placed almost anywhere and will look fantastic. If they are positioned outdoors you need to be aware of the cleaning and maintenance requirements. The material will tarnish over time when exposed to the elements, losing the polished finish that so many people love. You’ll need to clean them to avoid this and keep them looking their best.

When you clean a bronze plaque you need to take care not to damage the material. For this reason you need to avoid abrasive cleaning products. It is better to use a cloth, a cotton bud, or a very soft bristled brush to remove the dirt and grime from the plaque. Take care with the inscriptions, especially if they are coloured. The last thing you want is to damage the paint when you are cleaning.

Once it is clean you can use a wax or a polish to improve the look of the piece. These products also provide extra protection against the weather, protecting the substrate in the process.

If the plaque is screwed on to a bench or another surface you need to take care when cleaning it, ensuring you clean around the screws effectively. You definitely don’t want the screws corroding and staining the piece.

It is a good idea to check memorial plaques periodically to ensure they are not experiencing higher wear than expected. Being proactive with your cleaning and maintenance will protect the memorials and ensure they provide longer service.

At UK Memorial Service we offer a selection of bronze plaques as well as other accessories made from the material. We manufacture all of them with care and precision, ensuring they are beautiful aesthetically. They can be placed in many locations and will provide a fitting tribute to the deceased.

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