Checking the rules before placing items on a burial plot

Burial sites across the UK each have their own rules regarding leaving memorials and other commemorative items on plots. Whether it is churchyards, cemeteries, crematoria, or even wooden areas for green burials, it is essential you check them before you place anything. This will avoid the potential of being asked to remove things.

Vases are a particular item where limitations may be in place. These can include limiting the use of glass ones because they can be knocked over and broken, creating a hazard. Ceramic vases are slightly more durable but can still break. As a result their placement may also be controlled.

The rules regarding vases may also extend to the flowers that can be placed to ensure the site is properly maintained. The last thing staff and other visitors to a site want to see is poorly kept flowers and mess such as ribbons, wrappings and cuttings that have been incorrectly disposed of. There may be restrictions in place to limit this, including only allowing flowers in specific locations.

At UK Memorial Service we always advise our clients to be careful about choosing which items will be placed on a burial plot. Our work all across the UK has seen us provide memorials to be placed on a wide array of different sites. As a result we have seen firsthand how much the rules can differ. This is why we recommend checking to be certain.

Our experience has also led us to offer a wide array of special memorial vases. These products are made from granite and marble, making them more durable than glass and ceramic styles. They are designed so they can be used on different burial sites or be left at home in the garden if you wish to have a tribute to hold flowers closer to home.

Each vase can be personalised with an inscription so the piece will not only be durable and long lasting; it will also be unique and meaningful. We are very happy to offer this service in-house and can even provide advice about inscriptions and choosing the right words.

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