Choose a lasting memorial that will complement its surroundings

Memorial benches can be found in a huge number of places, from churchyards to parks, riversides to shopping centres. They add a great deal of value to each setting they are placed in, giving family and friends of the deceased as well as other visitors somewhere to sit, relax and reminisce. Memorial plaques and engravings allow each bench to be personalised to make them even more fitting tributes.
Benches tend to look their best when they are surrounded by nature, whether it is in public or your own garden. This is particularly true when they are made from natural materials like stone and timber. Being around the natural environment has a beneficial calming effect on people too, and can help them to deal with bereavement.

If you do want to place a memorial bench in a public setting you’ll need to get appropriate permission. You can contact your local council for advice about placing benches in parks and other public settings. Each one will have their own rules you’ll need to abide by. Churchyards and cemeteries may have slightly different requirements in place. If you are thinking about installing a bench at either type of site, again permission will be needed. In both cases you will need to satisfy any restrictions on the design.

Installing a memorial bench in your own garden is easier because you don’t need to worry about permission. You’ll have more freedom in terms of the design and the positioning you can choose, allowing you to be as creative and selective as you want.

At UK Memorial Service we provide a range of very special benches made from the same beautiful stone we use to make headstones, memorial plaques and other types of memorials. They will look stunning in all kinds of gardens and complement your landscaping, flowers and greenery. Each bench is made in-house by our skilled team so you can expect a beautiful finished product. We can even add an inscription for you, making sure your bench is absolutely unique. Take a look at our brochure to see the full range of options.

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