Choosing a fitting epitaph for a loved one

When it comes to creating a memorial for a loved person, one of the most important steps in the process is selecting the epitaph. This is essentially a short piece of text which honours and commemorates the deceased person, and will be inscribed on the grave marker, plaque or ledger which marks their resting place. Some people will choose their own epitaph before their death, while others will be selected by the family members or friends who are choosing the memorial.

An epitaph can come in many different forms. In the majority of cases, they will contain the person’s name and their dates of birth and death. They may also contain details about the life of the deceased person, such as their family relationships, their career, or their passion. Some people opt for epitaphs which are taken from holy text, a favourite book or song, or which are well known sayings or pieces of wisdom.

Selecting an epitaph for a loved one can be challenging, and there are various factors which need to be carefully considered. Firstly, you will need to consider the length. On most memorials, space will be fairly limited, so many people like to keep the epitaph short and concise. Another thing to think about is the fact that the words you choose will be on this memorial for many decades to come; the best epitaphs are timeless and classic, and remain relevant forever. If you are choosing an epitaph, it is always advisable to give yourself plenty of time to make the right decision.

Another matter to consider is whose voice the epitaph will be in. Will it be in the form of the family speaking to the deceased person, or in their own voice? Will it be speaking directly to someone, or just convey general information about the person? Ultimately, the epitaph is an extremely personal choice and should be something that feels right to you, rather than being influenced by anyone else. Whatever type of inscription you wish to create, you can rest assured our skilled memorial masons will expertly apply it to all types of adults and childrens headstones and other memorials.

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