Choosing between granite and bronze

With cremations now being far more popular than burials, many people lament what they see as the loss of traditional forms of memorial. Whilst memorials such as headstones and kerb sets can be placed where ashes are buried, in many instances the ashes are not buried after being cremated. Memorial plaques are becoming increasingly popular as a way to express remembrance in those instances where there is a lack of a traditional burial site or final place of rest.

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of people opting for our granite memorial plaques. Although traditionally this form of memorial is usually made from bronze, there are a number of reasons for selecting granite instead. Bronze is beautiful and hardwearing, but may require a higher degree of maintenance, needing to be cleaned at least once a year.  Granite memorial plaques are equally aesthetically pleasing and have lower maintenance requirements.

Granite memorial plaques can also usually created within a far shorter amount of time than bronze ones. There are many instances where the bereaved wish to have a memorial placed as soon as possible, and we always aim to ensure our clients’ wishes are met. Although we never rush our work and are always dedicated to creating outstanding results, it is usually the case that a granite memorial plaque can be created in days, whereas a bronze version would normally take weeks.

We will always be happy to discuss the merits of different materials as you decide between granite or bronze. Our expert knowledge and advice will help you make an informed decision, and you have the assurance that we will only carry out work to the highest standards. Our plaques are not reserved for cremations; they are also ideal for affixing to adults’ or children’s headstones.

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