Choosing fitting inscriptions for benches

Memorial benches are a popular sight in the UK and the US and can be found in a wide array of different locations. They often feature memorial plaques that are engraved with the personal information of the person they are a tribute to. Some of them also have inscriptions with religious passages, poems or literary quotes. In a few cases they go a step further and even showcase the humour and character of the deceased.

One of the most famous plaques seen on a bench reads:

“In memory of Roger Bucklesby. Who hated this park, and everyone in it.”

The bench can be found in a popular park in North London and pictures of it went viral after being posted online. It raised a storm, causing countless arguments about whether it was real or not. The plaque is actually real but is also a hoax at the same time. It was created by author Jamie Maslin. He invented the character, creating a full back story about an author who struggled to get his work published and spent time in the park to find inspiration only to begin to resent the location.

The plaque was originally intended to amuse passersby and it achieved its goal in spectacular fashion with the attention it received online.

Although it is not technically commemorating a real person, the plaque sits perfectly alongside other humorous ones that have been seen around the world. A bench in St. Andrew’s Square, Edinburgh reads “In memory of Rene Lauener (1916-1993) who liked to sit down”.

Inscriptions on memorial benches should be personal and give the people that pass them by and take time out to rest on them more details about the person they are commemorating. They are fantastic tributes to loved ones and help to ensure that their memory lives on. Choosing a bench, a location and deciding on the inscription can also help people to work through their grief. If you’re planning to install a bench as a tribute to a special person, we can provide benches, memorial plaques, engraving services and everything else you need to complete the memorial.

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