Choosing your lettering style

When selecting memorial plaques, headstones and other types of memorials, the lettering is one of the most important factors to consider. After all, it will be expressing your feelings, sentiments and essential information about the person, so you want to make sure it looks perfect. There are several different methods of lettering to choose from, each style with its own unique advantages.

The most traditional and well known method is for letters to be cut into the stone by hand. This produces beautiful results when done by skilled masons, but is a labour intensive method. Lettering can also be sandblasted into the stone, and sometimes finished with paint or gold leaf for a more polished effect. This is one of the most popular lettering methods due to the fact that you can choose from many different font styles, and it is a more affordable technique than hand cutting.

You can also opt for raised letters which are applied onto the surface of the stone or metal, as opposed to being carved into the material itself. The contrast between the raised lettering and the surface can make an impressive visual impact and means the letters will be highly legible. This type of lettering is also less likely to gather dirt and debris, which makes them an extremely low maintenance option. However, they will still benefit from care and cleaning to keep them looking at their best.

When we are creating memorials, we always work closely with our customers to ensure that the lettering and every other detail on their memorial is perfect. Whatever style and method of lettering we are applying, we take the time to ensure excellent results so we can create a stunning product dedicated to the memory of your loved one. We offer a wide range of fonts and lettering styles to be applied to all our memorial plaques, ledgers and headstones and the first hundred letters are completely free, giving you even greater value for money when you opt for our service.

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