Coming together to remember children

Losing someone is never easy, especially when they leave us at such a tender age. When a child passes on, a memorial gives us the chance to remember them when they were at their happiest. Remembering them this way aids in the grieving process and allows us to cope with the loss more easily. Our memorials can offer you the same comfort in these difficult times.

Childrens memorials of all shapes and sizes take time to create; ours are no different. We think of time as an opportunity though, giving us longer to make them more personal and meaningful. Extensive planning can be required for the larger ones, but eventually they are produced and the result is well worth the wait.

In North Tonawanda, New York the Children’s Memorial Garden is finally becoming a reality for families that have lost loved ones. Roughly after a year of planning, members of the projects committee, which consists of parents who have lost loved ones, joined together with elected officials at the future site of the garden for a groundbreaking ceremony.

The site is intended to serve as a place for parents to reflect and remember their children. It will feature a pergola that visitors will pass through to gain access to the walk area. Members of the community will be able to purchase plaques to display along the inside walls. A memorial such as this provides the opportunity for people to share a place that has such importance and meaning.

At UK Memorial Service we can provide a range of childrens memorials. When working on them we make sure that we do everything in our power to provide you with the perfect piece. We know that times like these aren’t easy for you, which is why we will offer our full support to you should you need it. This includes help selecting a design and deciding how to personalise it.

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