Commemorate a child with a garden

The loss of a child is always tragic but remembering the joy they brought is an important part of grieving and recovering. Choosing children’s memorials as a tribute can help with the grieving process, or you could go one step further and create a memorial garden in your own home to keep their memory alive. Gardens are really popular because people can cultivate them with care, watch things grow and spend time in them to feel closer to the deceased.

If you are considering a memorial garden you need to decide where you want to locate it and how much space you have. You could choose to use the whole of your garden or just a special part of it if you wish. With the location you’ll need to ensure the plants can get enough light so they will thrive. You may also want to position it so you can see it from the house when you look out; this way you can enjoy it even when the weather is bad.

With the garden you can decide what you want to plant in it and get the right atmosphere. Some people choose to plant trees because they can watch them grow large and strong. Others prefer flowers so they can enjoy the colours and see them bloom every year. The choice you make should depend on how much time you have to spend looking after what you plant. Gardens can require a great deal of care and attention but the efforts you put in will pay off when you see how well everything grows.

Alongside the flowers, plants or trees you also need to decide what other special items you want to include. There are a wide range of different children’s memorials to choose from including benches if you want to be able to sit in the garden, miniature headstones or inscribed plaques. You can even include statues and other things if you want to add some of the personality of your child into the garden. Water features also look great because they are naturally soothing.

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