Commemorate a loved one with a tree

There are many things to think about when it comes to choosing a memorial, particularly the location where you want to leave the commemorative piece. Headstones, plaques and other traditional memorials will always be popular but people are increasingly looking for something a little bit different.

One option that continues to grow in popularity is planting a tree, whether it is part of a green burial or a stand-alone service. This is a great idea because it means people can continue to feel close to their loved ones whilst they care for the trees. Each tree will grow and provide a long term legacy.

There are also environmental advantages to planting a tree. If you want the memorial you choose to improve the environment for coming generations, this is a brilliant option. The trees also attract wildlife so they make particularly fitting tributes for animal lovers. You can plant a tree at home in the garden, at one of the memorial forests across the UK and in some cases you may be able to plant one in a public park.

Trees which are native to the UK will stand the best chance of growing healthily and lasting the test of time. Species like ash, beech and certain types of oak are good choices. If you choose a non-native tree you’ll need to think about the climate and the impact on the environment.

As well as the tree itself you may want to choose a personalised plaque or stone to sit alongside it. This is an excellent way to dedicate the tree and also means you can include a personal message to or about your loved one. Memorial plaques, stones and even miniature headstones can all come in many different shapes and sizes so you can choose the exact one you want.

The growing popularity of green funerals is leading more and more people to choose planting trees to commemorate loved ones. In some cases ashes are even scattered around the tree so they can help it to grow. When you think about memorials it is always best to keep your loved one in mind and select the option that best personifies them. If you want traditional pieces or a smaller memorial to go alongside the tree you plant, you can find a fantastic selection at UK Memorial Service. We can offer personalised memorial plaques, stones and more to put a personal touch on the tree.

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