Creating a tribute for your child

One of the most difficult decisions we will ever have to face is choosing a memorial for a child who has passed away. We understand that during times like these our clients want a service that is sympathetic, personal, efficient and affordable, alleviating their financial worries and giving them the reassurance that their child’s memorial will be truly special.

We have a wide and extensive selection of children’s headstones and memorials for you to select from, but if you do not see a design that is suitable for your preferences, we are also on hand to create completely bespoke designs. You can rest assured that whatever you want, we will do all we can to provide it for you, all at very reasonable prices so you do not have to spend a fortune to pay a loving tribute to your child.

Our range of children’s headstones includes designs such as animals, angels and favourite characters, reflecting the fun and loving spirit of your child. We can incorporate text of your choice in a range of different lettering styles so you can express your sentiments in any way you choose. Each and every headstone is built to last and can be installed securely by our skilled team, ensuring that it will stand proudly for many years to come and provide a legacy for your child that will last.

As well as headstones, we have kerb sets which provide complete protection and decoration for the child’s burial site. The grave site itself can be covered with coloured stone chips, providing a beautiful effect that will also help to defend the grave from damage and changing weather conditions. Our kerb sets are a very popular choice and like the headstones, they can be customised and engraved in almost any way you wish.

Selecting children’s headstones is a difficult and emotional job, but we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you. Please contact us today to discuss your needs or take a look at our full range of headstones, plaques, benches, ledgers and kerb sets.

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