Creating memorials for teenagers and young adults

Headstones for teenagers or young adults are often designed differently to those which are created for older adults. Many families wish for the memorial to reflect the young, vibrant personality of their child and to encapsulate the happy memories they shared during their time together. There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing memorial designs for a young adult.

You may be able to include elements that reflect their hobbies and passions; for example, a football for a keen sports player, a paintbrush or pen for a creative artist or writer, or a musical instrument or notes for a keen music fan. Of course, many families opt for traditional symbols and motifs such as angels, birds, crosses and flowers to signify sentiments of peace, love and eternal rest. If you wish, you can include a photograph of your child on the headstone to preserve their memory forever.

Besides the design elements, you will also be considering what kind of epitaph to include. For many families who have lost a teenager or young adult, a personal inscription is the ideal way to remember them. Teenagers often feel very passionately about their hobbies and cultural interests, so the epitaph could include lyrics from a favourite song, a passage from a favourite book or even a quote from their favourite film that they loved to repeat.

The choice is a very personal one and will be different for each and every family. Whatever style of memorial you go for, our expert team will be on hand to advise and to create beautiful, fitting designs for your much-loved child. We will never rush your decisions, and will provide you with layouts before any work goes ahead to ensure you are completely satisfied with the design. We understand that selecting childrens headstones is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make, which is why we do all we can to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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