Cremation urns and many other memorial products

Cremation is the most popular form of funeral in the UK. The latest figures indicate that close to 75% of all Britons choose to be cremated rather than buried, either for religious reasons or from simple personal choice. The popularity of cremation has led to the increased need for cremation memorials that are beautiful but cost effective. Whereas one of the most common memorials used for burials is the headstone, one of the most common memorials used for the storing of ashes is the cremation urn. We provide a wide array of adults’ and children’s headstones, urns and other cremation memorials for you to choose from, allowing you to pay tribute in your own way.

Funerary urns have seen widespread use across the world, with archaeological evidence pointing to ancient China as being the point of origin. Urns containing ashes were found in Jiahu in China, dating back as early as 7000 BC. Urns can be found at various points throughout history. In Ancient Rome, those belonging to prestigious bloodlines were often cremated and placed into urns which were stored in family columbaria.

In modern society, we still use urns as a means of storing the ashes of our loved ones. In modern times, there are many ways to deal with ashes, from turning the remains into a precious stone to launching them into space. However, traditional urns remain very popular as a way of storing ashes either permanently or temporarily until they can be scattered.

We take great pride in creating beautiful urns, adults’ and children’s headstones, and many more memorials for cremations and burials. Our skilled masons will craft your urn to the highest possible quality and ensure that you receive the design that you want. We personally craft every memorial by hand, ensuring superior quality on every monument and memorial we produce.

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