Deciding on an inscription

People have been adding inscriptions to headstones for centuries to mark the graves of the deceased. Originally only personal information was added, such as the name and relevant dates. The evolution of churchyard burials led to the creation of larger memorials. The additional size left more space for information. Thus people started adding short epitaphs and phrases to the stones to personalise them even further.

Today headstones can feature long inscriptions, whether they are bible quotes, personal sayings, literary references or information about the accomplishments of the deceased. The words can be chosen to provide comfort for loved ones and to reflect the life of the departed.

When you consider what kind of inscription you should choose there are a number of things to keep in mind. The words you decide on are the most important but there may be some limitations, especially when it comes to church burials. Churchyards may place limitations on the text you can have inscribed on a headstone, possibly even restricting them solely to religious quotes and personal details. It is wise to enquire with the church itself to find out their rules.

There is more freedom to write personal inscriptions on headstones with a cemetery burial. There may still be rules in place to help preserve the site, but generally there will be fewer restrictions. Again you should check in advance to get a better idea of what you can and can’t have on the headstone.

At UK Memorial Services we create stunning personal headstones, memorial plaques and many other forms of memorials. We manufacture them ourselves and can therefore ensure they are personalised in a number of ways. We do the inscriptions in house so our clients can select from an array of different fonts and finishes. When you choose us to supply commemorative products you can be confident we will check the inscriptions for you, ensuring they are correct and added to the piece effectively.

If you would like advice about inscriptions please contact us. Our service is designed to guide you through the whole process of creating a lasting memorial, ensuring you get the best support throughout.

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