Designing memorials with longevity in mind

At UK Memorial Service we offer a compassionate helping hand to anybody who finds themselves in the position where they need to think about childrens memorials. Our team will provide support at this emotional time and work to ensure that your wishes are met so you can create a long lasting tribute.

When you choose a memorial product with longevity in mind it is important to select the right material. Granite is a very good choice because of its strength, durability and high resistance to weathering. The stone is also impervious to staining because of the denseness of the grains. This means the material will look great for many, many years.

Granite also offers a big advantage because it is amenable to cutting. This means that slabs of the material can be shaped in a wide array of ways without causing flaws. It therefore allows talented memorial manufacturers to create stunning, unique designs in all manner of shapes and sizes.

As a third benefit there are several different colours of granite to choose from including grays, reds, blues, and even greens. The shade is determined by the mineral composition of the stone. This gives people more freedom to select the right material to make a memorial from.

We are proud to work with several different types of granite to give our clients this choice. We only choose stones that meet our quality standards, ensuring they come from reliable, well established sources. Our team work competently with each material and offer workmanship you will be really impressed with.

On our website you can view a selection of the designs we offer. Each one can be customised and we can utilise the different types of granite if you would prefer a different shade. Alongside this we can also design bespoke childrens memorials if you have a special idea in mind. We are committed to offering this and helping each client get the perfect memorial.

If you would help and support you can contact a member of our team.

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