Endless possibilities for headstone design

Headstones have been a hugely popular form of memorial for many years, and they serve many purposes. They are used to mark and delineate a person’s final resting place, announce their name and the dates they lived, and provide them with a lasting legacy so people will know exactly who has been laid to rest in this location for decades, or even centuries to come. These are all hugely important functions, so for many people choosing the right headstone is a crucial task and something they want to ensure they get absolutely right.

Before purchasing a headstone, it is always important to consider the rules and regulations at the chosen cemetery or churchyard. Not all burial sites have very strict rules, but it is likely that there are some guidelines you will need to follow to ensure your chosen memorial is allowed. For example, an old-fashioned, historic churchyard is unlikely to accept a contemporary headstone design made from high-gloss polished stone.

Once these details have been considered, you will need to think about the shape, size, design and material of the headstone. As long as you remain within the guidelines of the burial site, the possibilities are practically endless, with grave markers being made in a huge array of colours and materials, personalised with text and images of your choosing. All of these aspects are very personal choices, and something that should feel right and true to your memories of the deceased person, so feel free to take your time making the selection.

As specialists in the creation of memorial plaques, headstones, ledgers and other forms of memorial with many years of experience, we are always happy to advise you on these types of issues and work closely alongside you to ensure that you are not only completely happy with the memorial design, but also that it will be allowed in your selected cemetery or churchyard. We also provide free cemetery fixing across the entire UK, so you can rest assured the headstone of your loved one will stand proudly and securely for many years to come.

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