Epitaphs should be an entirely personal choice

The purpose of a headstone epitaph is to help us remember the deceased and to remind us of the everlasting bond we share with them, even after they have passed away. Epitaphs are a very personal choice and should not be influenced by others. It is very important that you are content with the words and images that you settle on, as they will provide you with great comfort as you visit the burial site of your loved one.

We know that many people understandably struggle to make decisions when they are dealing with grief. We are always more than happy to offer as much advice as we can and support you as you choose your memorial and inscription. Many people go for short and concise epitaphs as the “less is more” option gives you the chance to briefly sum up everything you want to say about the deceased in a few simple yet effective words.

Epitaphs naturally convey strong feelings. However, everyone is different, and it is important to remember that whatever makes you feel comfortable is the right tone and sentiment for you. It can be helpful to wait a short while after the death before you make any choices, as the pressure to make a decision quickly can lead to a final result you are less than happy with. By allowing a little time to settle, you can be sure of making the right choice and avoiding any regrets further down the line.

Epitaphs often convey someone speaking in the first person. You could consider which voice you want this to be and who you want them to speak for. Think about whom you want the epitaph to speak to. It could be you or a relative addressing your loved one or it could be the deceased addressing you and other visitors. There are many options and we do our best to ensure you choose the right one. You can say whatever you want in the form of your choosing.

We have a vast selection of beautiful adults and childrens headstones and memorials that are exquisitely and carefully crafted. Our gifted designers will place the inscription of your choice on your product whether you opt for traditional or popular verse or whether you compose your own epitaph from scratch.

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