Financial help with funeral costs

Many people have financial concerns around funerals and memorials, but there are certain ways you can alleviate the financial pressure. If you are on a low income, you may be eligible for a Funeral Payment to help pay for burial or cremation, transportation costs, travel to the funeral, and other expenses such as the coffin and funeral directors’ fees. This will give you some extra time to make plans for the funeral and deal with formalities without having to worry about paying for funeral costs straight away. You will usually have to pay back the money from the deceased person’s estate. Many people find that this payment goes a long way to helping them through a difficult time when they do not wish to be worrying about expenses they cannot afford.

The amount included in the payment will depend on your individual circumstances, your relationship to the deceased person, and any other benefits or tax credits you receive. The payment must be claimed within three months of the funeral, using form SF200. You can also claim over the phone. If the person had a pre-paid funeral plan, you will only receive financial help for items which are not covered by their specific plan.

As well as the cost of the funeral itself, many people have concerns about the price of installing a headstone or other memorial at their loved one’s resting place at a later date. We know that many of our customers are under financial pressure when a loved one passes away, which is why we focus on keeping our prices as competitive as possible. We provide adults’ and children’s headstones at affordable prices so that you can invest in a beautiful memorial without having to break the bank. Please take a look at our full range of discounted memorials and we are confident you will find something that is ideal for your needs. If not, our skilled team will be happy to work with you to come up with a bespoke design.

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