Flowers for memorials

Flowers are a popular tribute which can be seen in cemeteries and at memorials all over the world. Certain types of flowers are more common than others, and some provide a striking, poignant message when left beside a grave or a memorial. We can provide you with a huge range of memorials, from headstones and kerb sets to plaques, and can also provide memorial vases so that you can leave your own offerings to the deceased.

Flowers have been used for funerals and memorials for tens of thousands of years, with the first indication of funeral flowers being discovered in the Shandiar Cave in Iraq. The flower arrangements there date back to at least 62,000 B.C, highlighting just how long the human race has been enhancing memorials and funerals with the arrangement of flowers. It isn’t until the past few centuries that we have begun to assign specific meanings to certain flowers, leading to the choosing of specific types of flowers for memorial purposes.

There are a variety of different flower types that are suitable for funerals and memorials. Amongst the most common flower is the lily, which represents innocence. The lily has special significance to people with Christian faith as the Virgin Mary’s tomb was said to have been covered with this flower. These flowers essentially mark the soul’s return to innocence and have quite a distinctive, strong smell. A similar flower is the peace lily, symbolising innocence and rebirth. Their Latin name means “peace and prosperity” and symbolise the soul finally coming to rest after an adventurous life.

Orchids are another popular option. They represent eternal love, essentially letting the deceased know that they will never be forgotten and will be loved for as long as somebody carries their memory. They are often given to or by close relatives of the deceased as a means of expressing sympathy. Carnations and chrysanthemums are also widely used. Carnations are long lasting and beautiful flowers available in a variety of colours, with pink carnations proving popular in a memorial context. The meaning of chrysanthemums differs depending on the country, though throughout Europe, China and Japan they are often associated with mourning.

There are a huge range of other flowers that can accompany memorials, all of which have their own distinct style and meaning. By making an offering, you are contributing to a tradition that is tens of thousands of years old, as well as ensuring that the memory of the deceased is valued. Whatever flowers you offer, you can be assured that our memorial vases will provide you with ample space to place them.

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