Formal burial services for ashes

When a bereaved family is considering what to do with the cremated remains of a loved one, it would be fair to say that a formal burial ceremony is often not initially considered. For a great number of people, the idea of a cremation ceremony is that it replaces the traditional burial which often forms part of a funeral service. While many people do see the matter as a choice between either cremation or a burial, it is very possible to bring together both ceremonies when laying a relative to eternal rest.

Many people choose to either scatter ashes at a location which was important to the deceased, or to otherwise retain them in a suitable vase or urn. However, these are not the only two choices available. There are no rules or regulations which prevent holding a burial for cremated remains at churchyards or at burial grounds looked after by local authorities. A great many people find peace and comfort from having an established final resting place, making this an option that is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Our team of dedicated memorial masons craft headstones, kerb sets, ledgers and markers designed specifically for cremation services. We know and understand just how important it is to have a headstone to mark the final resting place of a loved one, and that such an installation can bring exceptional comfort and peace it brings to the bereaved. The placement of a headstone allows for the details of the life of the deceased to be recorded permanently, and provides a place for pause and reflection for all who knew them.

The establishment of a final place of eternal rest for loved ones is not limited to those who elect to have a formal burial. With cremation ceremonies being the most frequently selected option in this day and age, holding a traditional burial service for ashes is coming to be viewed as a perfectly natural part of a funeral service. We take honour in ensuring the service is complete with the creation of the most suitable form of ashes memorial.

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