Granite kerb sets provide beauty and protection

It has always been our goal to provide our customers with the widest and most diverse selection of memorial products available anywhere in the UK, and as part of this we have updated our product selection to get ready for the New Year. Our newly updated product range includes a host of cremation memorials, headstones, and much more. Among the most distinctive memorials in our brochure, you will find several beautiful granite kerb sets.

Granite is widely used in the creation of headstones and kerb sets because it is an extremely strong material which can sustain years of different weather conditions without deteriorating. This is particularly important for kerb sets, which are intended to provide protection for the grave site and defend it from erosion.

Alongside strength, we know that people also want memorials which look amazing. Granite certainly fulfils this need. The stone itself has a beautiful aesthetic quality and texture, with natural details and flecks of colour creating a stunning visual effect that will stand the test of time. When enhanced with ornaments and inscriptions, granite can make a big visual impact.

Our kerb sets come in various styles and designs to suit your individual preferences, but one thing they all have in common is that they are extremely strong and durable. We have kerb sets in classic, dramatic black, beautiful soft grey, and distinctive ruby red. They are also available with various additions to suit your preferences, such as grave ornaments, ceramic printed photographs and plaques.

As with all our products, our kerb sets offer superb value for money as well as great design and quality. If you wish to add text to the set, the first 100 letters are free, and we also offer secure fixing to ensure your chosen set remains strong and hardwearing for many decades to come.

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