Helping the healing process when a young life is lost

One of the most difficult situations any of us can face in life is the loss of a young person long before their time. When this occurs, it becomes all the more important to the bereaved to have a memorial in place to remember them by. We ensure that we create children’s headstones and other personalised memorials that serve this purpose with compassion and dignity.

There is no easy way to heal the pain and sense of loss experienced by the loss of a young friend or family member. However, creating a suitable memorial for the deceased or a beautiful headstone to mark their resting place can be of great assistance and help towards the healing process.

For any lost life, a memorial stands as both a record of who the person was and as a means of remembrance for all who knew them, as well as for future generations. Tradition would usually see the date of birth and date of passing recorded on a headstone, along with the name of the deceased. Many people draw strength and comfort from choosing a suitable inscription for a loved one’s headstone. This could be a personal memory, a phrase or verse reflecting a feeling which those close to the deceased associate very closely with them. Though we may feel sorrow that this child or young person is no longer with us, the epitaph preserves our fond memories forever.

With full BRAMM and NAMM accreditation and membership, we have an impeccable reputation for delivering the finest children’s headstones, memorials and monuments made from granite or marble. As difficult as the circumstances may be, we are always honoured when we are trusted to assist with designing and creating memorials for young people. We have the utmost respect for the importance of these memorials, and will provide outstanding craftsmanship and bespoke designs for affordable prices.

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