Helping the healing process with a child’s memorial

When a child or young person passes away, it is important that everyone involved in the practical issues offers compassion, support and comfort to the bereaved family, from the funeral directors to the memorial masons. We are here to create the most fitting and apt form of children’s memorials for our clients, helping them to grieve the loss of their loved one and preserve their cherished memories forever.

One of the strongest and most admired characteristics of our society is the fact that communities can usually be counted on to rally around bereaved families during their darkest times. Over the years, our services have become known for delivering this much needed support.

We have always known that our work is far more than the delivery of a product or service. Beyond creating and installing childrens headstones and memorials which are designed to stand for many decades, we know that those who require our services are in need of strong emotional support. From day one, we always build an attentive one-to-one relationship with our valued clients. Our goal is to give you the much needed comfort and confidence of having a designated person that you can reach out to and contact to discuss your memorial at any time. In our experience, this is something which is even more important when we are creating a memorial for a child.

The loss of a child is one of the most difficult experiences anyone could ever face, and in an ideal world parents would never outlive their children. Our service is designed to help with the grieving and healing process which we must go through after the loss of a young life. Our children’s memorials cannot heal the pain entirely, but they do provide a means to celebrate the wonderful life which has now left us, and allow for positive, uplifting thoughts and memories of the child or young person who is now at rest.

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