Inter and memorialise your loved ones in an elegant mausoleum

Many people look for an alternative to earth burial as the idea of placing their deceased loved ones in the ground makes them uncomfortable. Mausoleums offer the ideal solution to this problem as they enable the body to be interred above ground in a dry and sealed crypt. Mausoleums have become more popular in recent years due to the lack of available space in UK cemeteries, as well as the numerous other benefits they offer.

Mausoleums are used widely throughout the world for various reasons. They are the primary method of burial in New Orleans, as the plots are shallow due to the high water table. After a few feet, the graves become filled with water and the caskets end up floating in their own plots. For a very long time mausoleums were associated with impressive monuments designed to house great leaders but over the years they have become a popular method of interment for individuals, families and communities all over the world.

A mausoleum offers an enclosed burial place that can withstand the effects of weather and time. The remains are kept in a clean and dry space and for many people this offers a respectful and preferable form of interment. They can also save you money overall. If you opt for a walk in mausoleum that can hold multiple caskets it can be used for the burial of other family members, which proves cost-effective over the years.

We can provide freestanding or walk in mausoleums and each one is constructed from strong and durable granite. We offer a bespoke service and each vault can be customised to suit your specifications. If requested, we can also apply additional granite to the exterior of the mausoleum. Our family mausoleums are able to hold up to 12 caskets and you can select an interior style to match your tastes. We can also modify our freestanding mausoleums if you are pre-arranging your funeral or an existing burial spot has insufficient space available. We also offer granite memorial benches for the secure storage of cremation urns.

With a mausoleum, you will be able to visit with those that have passed on privately and peacefully. You will be sheltered from bad weather, high temperatures and external noise. Our vast selection of adults’ and children’s headstones, benches, and memorials offers you the highest possible quality and we are pleased to discuss your requirements at any time. Our friendly and supportive team will assist you with all enquiries.

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