Layout reviews ensure perfect results

The spelling of Elvis Presley’s middle name on his memorial is the subject of a well-known urban legend. Although he was given the middle name “Aron” by his parents, it appears on his headstone as “Aaron”. Many people with overactive imaginations have taken this as a sign that the singer didn’t really pass away in 1977. The truth, however, is simply that his name was inadvertently given as “Aaron” on his birth certificate and his family knew he preferred this spelling, which is why it appears this way on his grave marker.

This well known incident serves as a reminder of just how important it is to thoroughly check the planned inscription for a headstone or memorial before work commences. As a complimentary and supportive part of our service, we always provide a layout of the memorial to you before we begin creating it. This allows you to see how the memorial will look and, importantly, enable you to check that the dates, wording and spelling are all correct and in order.

While we are renowned for engaging only the most talented accredited memorial masons to create headstones in a traditional way, we have embraced aspects of technology which enhance our work. Our use of technology enables us to create perfect layout plans and designs of proposed memorials. We are particularly proud of this service, as it affords the bereaved the opportunity to change and alter the plans in order to find the most appropriate layout.

It is important to never lose sight of the fact that a memorial is something which is intended to stand perfectly for many decades, reflecting not only the details of the life of the deceased, but also their loved ones’ feelings for them. This is why we always place great emphasis on our service of providing layouts for memorials. While it is crucial to check details such as the correct spelling and dates, it is just as important to be able to get a clear visualisation of how the memorial will look.

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