Leave an eternal message with an epitaph

Descriptive epitaphs have always been a part of cemetery lore. Cemeteries the world over offer a glimpse into the lives of the deceased. Some epitaphs talk about the passing, some focus on the life that was lived, some offer a lesson and some are humorous. The most prevalent memorials are undoubtedly headstones and grave markers. Headstones were the first type of memorials used and have prevailed throughout the centuries to be the most popular choice.

The first headstones were upright slabs that were often adorned with carvings such as hourglasses, angel wings and skulls, due to the fact that many people had difficulty reading the epitaphs. Puritan stones were designed to commemorate the deceased and convey a moral message, and each picture represented something different. The winged skull reflected the certainty of death, whilst the rising sun referred to resurrection.

The headstones found in very old cemeteries can be inspiring when we have to come up with an epitaph for the grave marker of a friend or loved one. Early stones were often inscribed with strong sentiment. Many people come across old markings that are too hard to translate. If you discover an image that strikes a chord, you can simply take a photograph and research its origin to locate its meaning.

We can help you with the inscription of your memorial vases, gravestones, kerb sets and any other kind of memorial you wish to personalise. We always offer a supportive service and our creative team will work with you and make sure that you settle on an appropriate epitaph. The words and images you choose are personal and there is no right or wrong choice, so we advise everyone to select the verse or graphics or both that feel right. The most important thing is that you feel sure your inscription pays appropriate tribute to the deceased.

Our vast selection of headstones, markers, ledgers and memorial vases are available in various durable materials and assorted styles and finishes. We carry discount products that save you money and can be customised to suit specific requirements. You can browse our online brochure or give us a call for advice and help with memorial selection.

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