Ledger memorials are easy to maintain

When choosing memorials to mark a resting place, you need to consider how you will look after the memorial and the site in the long term. Many people won’t have the chance to visit the cemetery regularly to ensure the grave is clean, free from debris and that the memorial is still positioned properly. The last thing you want though is to arrive on a special date only to find that the grave is covered with leaves and rubbish.

Choosing ledger memorials offers several advantages over other types of grave marker in terms of maintaining them. They cover all or the majority of graves and lay flat to the ground. The size means they have space for large, elaborate carvings and inscriptions. This makes them much easier to personalise because there are less spatial limitations. The size also means you can choose a beautiful piece of stone and get the full benefit of the unique colour and veining.

Maintaining ledgers is easier than other memorials because they are usually flat, meaning there are fewer raised parts to catch rubbish. The fact that they are raised slightly means leaves and debris can gather along the edges but they are unlikely to come to rest on the actual memorial itself, especially when you have a smooth, polished surface. You will need to clean the surface periodically, particularly after snow, to keep it clean and fresh but this is better than having rubbish piling up.

Before you choose ledger memorials make sure you check with the local cemetery to make sure they allow them. Some don’t because of their size so it is always best to check in advance before you start designing.

If you opt for a ledger memorial, we can provide you with the beautiful, personalised memorial you wish for. As with all our memorials, each ledger will be expertly and securely installed by our BRAMM accredited team, and crafted to your specifications to ensure your tribute is absolutely perfect.

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