Mark a special location with a plaque

Bereavement touches most of our lives at some point and affects us all deeply, regardless of beliefs and cultural differences. We provide a full range of memorial products and a service that we have designed specifically to meet the needs of diverse communities. Loss is loss, and when a person that we care about dies we naturally wish to pay tribute to them.

Memorial plaques have long been used as forms of remembrance. They are perfect for single tributes or as an accompaniment to headstones, ledgers and kerb sets. The memorial you select for the passing of a loved one will forever pay tribute to them and it is important to choose the right one. We offer our clients guidance through the selection stage and do our very best to remove as much of the stress from the process as possible.

Our collection of memorial products offers durability and beauty. Our memorial plaques, vases and other items are constructed from a range of materials including granite and marble and are crafted to withstand all weather conditions. It is our role to meet the requests of our clients, which is why we carry the UK’s largest collection of memorial plaques and other items. Everybody has different preferences and each one is as individual and personal as the next.

Memorial plaques offer a great deal of flexibility as they can be attached to any other item, such as a memorial bench. Some people choose to place commemorative plaques somewhere in the home of the deceased, or they opt for an alternative location such as a favourite public park or place of employment. Whatever location you decide on, the plaque you place there provides you with a space in which you can maintain a connection with your loved one.

Our fully trained and skilled artistic team will make sure your memorial plaques are beautifully designed, crafted and carved. Our memorials are available at affordable prices and our designers deliver exquisite craftsmanship. Our attentive service will ensure you are fully aware of every option available to you and if you are unsure about plaque inscriptions we have a selection of verses to help your decision.  For help and information regarding our memorial plaques and full range of products contact our team.

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