Memorial items for natural burials

Natural burials have increased in popularity in recent years as environmental concern has become more prevalent. More people are opting for the natural burial as a result of the advantages it offers. A natural burial ground provides you with a permanent resting place that is sure to remain undisturbed, ensuring eternal tribute in a peaceful location.

The UK now has many official natural burial grounds that meet the highest environmental and professional standards. The 270 plus sites are varied and offer something for every individual. Some of the sites are large commercial enterprises, some are non-profit based charities and some are areas next to existing cemeteries.

The environmental benefits of woodland burials speak for themselves. Many of the organisations that manage the sites are committed to making sure they turn into natural habitats and sanctuaries for wildlife. Many natural burials are marked by the planting of a tree, which makes a contribution to the preservation and balance of nature.

Many natural burial sites remain open at all times, unlike traditional cemeteries. The unrestricted access they provide makes it easy for friends and family to visit whenever they want. The UK is experiencing a national shortage of space in cemeteries, but a natural burial site eliminates this problem entirely. Finally, a natural burial site offers the perfect resting place for anybody with a desire to protect the planet for future generations and a great love of nature and the outdoors.

If you opt for the scattering of ashes at a woodland burial it offers you several choices. Many people scatter some of the ashes and retain the rest to keep at home. This helps people feel close to the deceased and provides a physical form of commemoration. We provide a selection of urns for ashes including biodegradable products. You are also free to place or erect a memorial at an alternative location from the burial site. You can opt for memorial plaques at a place of sentimental importance or significance such as a beloved haunt or place of employment.

We offer a range of memorial plaques that are constructed from high quality materials. You can select from bronze and granite plaques or our sandstone memorials that are perfect for placement in the garden. Regardless of the manner of burial or interment, we can supply the perfect memorial tribute.

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