Memorial Plaques

Commemorative memorial plaques can be seen in any number of different settings and in a huge variety of different locations around the world. A subtle and elegant type of memorial, they are an enduringly popular option. They are often placed in a location that was significant in the life of a deceased person, such as a place of natural beauty where they loved to spend time, or a business or organisation where they worked for many years, as a way of paying tribute to them and acknowledging their previous presence there.

As well as being used as stand alone tributes, memorial plaques can also be used as additions on headstones, ledgers, kerb sets and other memorials, used to display important information about the person such as their dates of birth and death. One unique way to pay tribute is to plant a memorial tree in remembrance of the person, with a plaque at the foot of it to let people know who the tree was planted for. Memorial plaques can also be affixed to benches, giving people a peaceful place to sit and think about the person who has passed on. As you can see, memorial plaques can be used in countless different ways.

We can produce plaques in any style you wish, and can engrave a personal piece of text or even an image onto the plaque to make sure it says exactly what you wish it to say. Our plaques are available in a range of different materials including granite and bronze, all designed for optimum durability as well as beauty. Our boulders and tablets make excellent bases for the memorial plaque to be affixed to, and make wonderful garden memorials to remember a cherished pet.

No matter what type of plaque you decide to go for, you can always be assured of the finest quality craftsmanship delivered at affordable prices. Our memorial plaques are produced by our highly skilled team, who have over a quarter of a century of experience and take great care to ensure every detail on each plaque is perfect. If you are unsure about what you would like to be inscribed on your plaque, we have a selection of verses to choose from, helping to make your decision easier. We want to make sure you are completely happy with the memorial plaques we produce, so we will work closely with you and pay attention to your wishes to make sure we produce outstanding results for you.