Paying tribute to teachers

The death of a popular and long serving teacher or school staff member can have a considerable impact on students, staff body and community as a whole. The professionals that educate and care for our children for many years occupy valuable positions in our lives, making a positive contribution to their development.

Some teachers teach at one school for the entire length of their career, often resulting in them teaching the children of their former pupils. A teacher that spends many years at one institution becomes part of the furniture and part of the personal history of generations. When teachers such as these pass away, their loss can affect people of all ages throughout a community.

Young children can develop very close connections to their nursery, primary and junior school teachers. They serve as the primary care-givers and source of support when kids are not with their parents and when they pass on it can be difficult for children to understand and adjust to their absence.

Schools undoubtedly suffer a significant loss when a valued staff member passes away but it can be helpful for children and adults alike to plan exercises that help them deal with their collective grief. It has become very common to erect memorials on or close to the school grounds in order to pay personal and respectful tribute to the lost teacher.

Memorials often contain beautiful words and graphics that reflect on the importance of the person and the role they played within the school. Children can develop an understanding of loss and how to deal with it by being actively involved in creating meaningful commemoration. Overall, a memorial serves as an eternal reminder of the mark the teacher made and the importance of remembering them.

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